7 pc Hinged Instrument Cassette Tray
7 pc Hinged Instruments Tray  202 mm x 107 mm x 33 mm ..
Rubber Dam Punch (16cm)
Rubber Dam Punch - Used to make holes in rubber dam of different diameters, depending on the tooth t..
GP1 Spreader (20mm)
Spreader GP1 20mm - used to compact filling material during lateral condensation..
11 Straight Bernard Luxating Elevator
Luxating Straight Bernard - Used to elevate small roots, may be used as a periotome or also known as..
Special Offer Buy 8 Boxes Get 2 Boxes Free Disposable Examination Gloves
Disposable Examination Gloves *Blue Nitrile Gloves*Natural Nitrile GlovesAlso Available Si..
Ultra Micro Mesh Tray with Lid 80mm x 80mm x 40mm
Ultra Micro Mesh Tray with Lid 80mm x 80mm x 40mm    ..
Root Elevator Set of 7Pcs
Root Elevator Set of 7Pcs 3 mm Bein  Elevator for upper roots, round point.4 mm Bein ..