1 European Style Forceps, Serrated, For Upper Anteriors Coming Soon
9/11 Plugger (21cm)
Plugger 9/11 21mm - Used for pressing or forcing filling material into a root canal - marked at 5mm ..
5/6 Wedelstaedt Chisel
Chisel 5/6 Wedelstaedt - Used for refining cavity preparation..
Gracey 7/8 Economical
Gracey 7/8 - Economical #2 Handle - Area specific instruments used for deep scaling, root planning a..
Rubber Dam Clamp #11
Used to anchor and stabilize dental dams - General - Small -  Upper Molar Right / Lower Left Mo..
7C Children Forceps , For Upper rootsComing Soon
6C Children Forceps , For Upper milk molarsComing Soon
5C Children Forceps , For Upper incisors and canines Coming Soon