13/14 Hatchet
Hatchet 13/14 - Used for cavity preparation, for removing caries, removing unsupported enamel, and s..
6/Williams Expros
Double-ended instruments with explorer on one end and a probe on the other end.Used in dental exam a..
5pc Instrument Bracket Lock  Cassette TrayComing Soon
5pc Instrument Bracket Lock  Cassette Tray ,202 x 85 x 23mm..
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder (16cm)
Needle Holder Mayo-Hagar 16cm - Used to grasp and guide needle when suturing (6 1/4")..
Microbrush 4 Barrels per package -100 pcs per barrel all 3 sizes
4 Barrels per package -100 pcsMicrobrush Fine 1.5mm PurpleMicrobrush Fine 2mm BlueMicrobrush Fine 2...
Kids Medical 3ply Face Mask ASTM Level-2 Made in Canada
Kids Disposable Medical Face Masks ASTM: Level-2Standard : ASTM: F2100-20Packing :50pcs/Box&nbs..
Ultra Micro Mesh Tray with Lid,160mm x 40mm x 20mmComing Soon
Ultra Micro Mesh Tray with Lid, 200mm x110mm x 40mmComing Soon