23/6 Explorer
Explorer - Double Ended 23/6 - Standard - Used for caries and calculus detection, exploring pocket c..
P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument 3
P.K. Thomas Waxing Instrument 3 - Used for waxing procedures and techniques (#4 handle)..
21 Straight Pointed General Surgical Scissors (14.5cm)Sale
General Scissor Straight Pointed 14.5cm - Used for trimming tissue and cutting sutures..
C$20.00 C$12.99
 Jacquette 30/33
Sickle Scaler Jacquette 30/33 - Standard (Handle #4) - Used to scrape away plaque and residue from t..
Disposable  Anti-Skid Shoe Covers 100pcs/pkSale
Disposable Anti-Skid Shoe Covers 35 gsmBlue ColorSize: 40 cm x16 cmStandard: GB15979-2002Package:100..
C$13.99 C$5.99
15pc Detachable Cassette Tray
15pc Detachable Cassette Tray, 202 x 208 x 35mm..
Colour Coding Instrument Rings - White
Colour Coding Instrument Rings aid in procedure and/or user identification:50 Pcs Per Package - Smal..