40 Pedo Forceps Lower Primary Molars
Extraction Forceps 40 Pedo - Used to extract lower primary molars - Pediatric Forceps..
Sinus Curette 2
Sinus Curette 2 (Sinus Lift Instrument) - Used to separate the Schneiderian membrane from the maxill..
Disposable Intra Oral TipComing Soon
Disposable Intra Oral TipSize : White , Yellow ..
Disposable Impression Injectors 12 cc Syringe 50 pc/pkComing Soon
Mixing Wells 200 pc/pkComing Soon
Mixing Wells 200 pc/pk2 Wells4 Wells ..
Denture Box Blue, Pink, Yellow 12 pc/PkComing Soon
Retainer box (Blue/ Pink / Yellow) (12 pc/pk)Coming Soon