Dental Tools for Sale

Dental Tools for Sale

If you landed on this page because you were searching around the Internet to find high-quality dental tools for sale, you can stop looking right now. Fortec International is pleased to present a comprehensive catalog chock full of standard dental instruments as well as tools for orthodontics, endodontics and other specialty dental practices. One of the best parts is that you can shop right here, right now, and we'll ship your order without delay.

If you are like most dentists that we talk to, you became a tooth doctor because you want to help people. Two ways to do that are to purchase and use only excellent tools and to keep the tools of your profession scrupulously clean. When you buy the highest quality dental tools for sale, you access valuable instruments that work the way you want them to. Proper sterilization of instruments between patients helps to ensure that no diseases are spread at your dental office.

Fortec International offers a complete selection of first-class dental tools for sale. Here you will find diagnostic instruments such as probes, hemostats, dental mirrors and explorers as well as tools for more specialty work such as periodontics and orthodontic tools.

Keep your dental tools spotlessly clean

Reusable dental tools for sale should be purchased only by health professionals who understand the importance of proper sterilization protocol. As outlined by the Centers for Disease Control, dental instruments are classified into three discrete categories according to infection risk.

Non-critical dental instruments boast a relatively low risk of transmitting infection from patient to patient. Non-critical dental tools for sale include blood pressure cuffs, x-ray heads, and pulse oximeter devices. Such contraptions may be cleaned between patients by way of EPA registered intermediate hospital-grade disinfectants that may include chlorine compounds.

Most semi-critical instruments require sterilization between patients, even though they do not typically penetrate tissue. Amalgam condensers, impression trays, and dental mirrors are among those that must be thoroughly devoid of germs before use on a second patient.

Critical dental instruments comprise dental tools for sale that penetrate bone or soft tissue or contact the patient's bloodstream in any way. Forceps, bone chisels, burs and dental scrapers and scalers may be counted among critical dental instruments as described by the CDC and American Dental Association.

If you are a dental professional, we commend you and thank you for helping people live healthier, more comfortable lives. Fortec International supports your decision to be a dentist, so we're pleased to provide necessary dental instruments and specialized dental tools for sale to dental practices Canada and the United States.

Of course, all of our dental tools for sale come with a guarantee. Our reputation depends on quality, accuracy and on-time delivery. For more information about Fortec International or anything that we sell, please call 1.855.790.7779 and start the conversation. A Fortec International representative will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products or delivery times.

Dental Tools for Sale

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Dental Tools for Sale