Professional Dental Tools

Professional Dental Tools

People who are alive today may find it difficult if not impossible to believe that dentistry used to be something that everyone feared. 21st century anesthetics and modern instruments make a visit to the dentist today so much easier than it was even half a century ago. Part of the progress that changed societal attitudes about dentist chairs involves the implementation of high-quality professional dental tools such as those you can read about in our Fortec International catalogue today.

Every day diagnostic dental tools 

When a patient walks into your practice and complains about their dental pain, you'll want to provide them with a diagnosis and solution as soon as you possibly can. In our online catalog, you will find a range of high quality, professional dental tools used to diagnose and treat, including:

  • Mirrors and mirror handles
  • Double-ended explorer instruments
  • Screening probes and expros
  • Hemostats
  • Dressing pliers

Orthodontic tools your practice may use

If your dental practice provides bite-bettering orthodontics, you'll want to make sure to keep every essential dental tool sterilized and within easy reach. You will be able to place orthodontic bands with ease and clean up excess band cement when you have a double-ended tool in your hand. A distal end bender is the right sort of tool to reach for any time you need to alter archwires on braces. Fortec International offers distal end benders that work with any diameter of braces wire.

Tools for endodontic specialists

If you are an endodontic specialist, the prevention of tooth pain and alleviation of infection are among your primary concerns. Always make sure that your procedure kit includes:

  • Rubber dam clamps and frames
  • Dental spreaders
  • Impression trays
  • Explorers
  • Excavators
  • Rubber forceps

Tools for the oral surgeon

If your practice provides any oral surgery, you will want to maintain a number of high-quality oral surgery instruments cleaned and ready for any eventuality. Browse our catalogue to shop a smart selection of instruments including:

  • Bone files and chisels
  • Extraction forceps
  • Rongeurs and osteotomies
  • Luxating elevators
  • Mouth props
  • Extraction forceps

Fortec International thanks you and every dentist for your service to humanity. Dentistry is a field that requires dedication to education and no small amount of people skills, as well. We support your decision to help people deal with all sorts of dental issues, and we do so by offering exceptional professional dental tools that come with a secure guarantee every time. We'll fill your order for dental instruments accurately and promise to never sell your contact info to any outside party.

When a professional reaches for a tool, it says much about the quality of their craftsmanship. Without great tools, a pro may not perform to their highest ability. Can the same be said about dentistry? Why take chances? Start with a good education, and always work with high quality professional dental tools. When you're ready to know more about anything we sell, please call 1.855.790.7779.

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Professional Dental Tools

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