Periodontal Instruments

Periodontal Instruments

There are a lot of periodontal instruments. While there is a lot, they do all fall into a classification. I am going to talk about three of these. Classifications are how the tools are grouped. They are grouped by what they do. The classifications that I am going to talk about are probes, Explores, and scalar, and curettes.

One classification is periodontal probes. A dentist uses these to see how deep a hold or tooth surface might be. Dentist calls these pockets. Probes are typically a rod-like too that has measurements on them. They also have a rounded tip. These come in different designs with different measurements as well.

Explores are used to do just that explore and see the smoothness of a tooth or to see if there is and build upon the tooth. These also come in different sizes and angles. Each explorer has its limits as to what it can do.
Scaling and curettage instruments are the next classification. Their classification has five primary scaling instruments.

The first is the sickle scalar. This instrument has a flat surface and two cutting edges. A dentist will use this tool to scrap the gum line.
The next of these is curettes. This instrument is used to remove the deeper build up the stuff that is closer to the root of the tooth than the gum. The tool has two working ends each end has a cutting edge on it. This tool is usually smaller than the sickle scalar. The curettes have only one sharp spot, and that is the cutting edge of the blade. This allows the dentist to get better access with a small amount of damage to the gums.
The third one is hoe scalar. This tool goes even further into the gum and is used to make contact with the tooth at two points and clean the tooth at these two points without touching the root of that tooth.

Next, you have filed. Files have several blades on one tool. This tool is mainly used to break up large or hardened build up on your teeth. This tool can damage your tooth if it is not used in the right way. Files can be used to remove overhanging pieces of a tooth that is being fixed as well.
Then you have chisel scaler. This tool is used for in between the teeth when they are to close together to get anything else between them. The chisel scalar is used to remove buildup from between the teeth.

Diamond-coated files are a special tool used to do the final touches of cleaning the roots of your teeth. Diamond files have to be handled carefully and in very exact manner. If they are they can cause grooves in the tooth or even remove too much of the root system. When used right they make for a clean and smooth tooth with highly polished roots.
These are just some of the many tools that we have here at So come to use to meet all your periodontal instrument needs.

Periodontal Instruments
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Periodontal Instruments

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