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Fixed Bridges Nyc

Fixed Bridges Nyc

Fixed Bridges in NYC

Here at Cosmetic Dentist NYC, one of the services we provide is the fixed bridge. Fixed Bridges NYC we care about your smile. There are many reasons a patient may lose a tooth.  Sometimes it is because the tooth had to be extracted because of decay or weakness. Sometimes an injury can cause a person to lose one or more teeth.  When this happens, it can be devastating. Our dentist at Fixed Bridges NYC can put in a fixed bridge and restore your smile.

A fixed bridge is a structure that is made of dental porcelain that spans the entire gap and is attached to the neighboring teeth. Dental porcelain can look like a natural tooth while it adds strength and stability. It is indeed a remarkable material. 

Our dentist will start off with a consultation and initial exam to determine the best treatment to accomplish the desired results. This may include a dental X-ray.  Once a treatment plan is decided on, the doctor will get an impression and send that to the lab to allow them to start working on building the bridge. You may be fitted with a temporary bridge to wear during this process. Once the bridge is complete, the dentist will be able to place this permanent fixed bridge it in the mouth and secure it in place.

Fixed Bridges NYC dentist has specialized training to provide this service for his patients. He trained at the Los Vegas Institute. This is a very esteemed dental school. He treats each patient with compassion and takes every precaution to assure the procedure is completed as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of a Fixed Bridge

It can restore your smile. It can restore your ability to chew and speak with more ease A fixed bridge maintains the shape of your face. It replaces your missing teeth and distributes the forces in your bite evenly. It helps keep the remaining teeth in place and prevents them from shifting. It will not fall out and acts like a natural tooth

Care of a Fixed Bridge

A bridge can last fifteen years or more. The better the oral hygiene is, the longer they will last.  Caring for the bridge is relatively easy.  By brushing twice a day and flossing in addition to mouthwash every day will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease which leads to tooth loss.

A fixed bridge is secure and reliable. For this reason, it is an excellent choice to replace missing teeth, especially when multiple teeth are involved. Since it is fixed to the neighboring teeth, it will not fall out like a partial will.

Here at Fixed Bridges NYC your comfort and looks are important to us. The dentist understands how important your look is and the role a great smile plays in that. It is for this reason that he has centered his practice around a patient-centered foundation to provide the highest quality dentistry.

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Fixed Bridges Nyc