Endodontics Instruments

Endodontics Instruments

Shopping for endodontics instruments? You’ll find the highest quality and best prices online at Fortec. We have what you’re looking for at prices well below what most other companies online sell for- and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the quality of our instruments. Shop with us and see why we are a leader in the endodontics instrument line.

Why We Are a Leading Supplier:

We do more than make vague claims about what we carry- we are committed to maintaining a line of high quality tools and instruments that are always in stock and ready to ship out to our customers. Trust us for the following endodontics instruments:

  • Explorers, including DG16 and DG16/23
  • Excavators, including 32L, 33L, and 244
  • Heat Carriers, including 3, GP2, 0, and 00
  • Impression Trays, including upper and lower small, medium, large, and extra large
  • Pluggers, including double and single-ended
  • Rubber Dam Clamps in a wide range of sizes and styles
  • Rubber Dam Forceps
  • Rubber Dam Frames for both children and adults
  • Rubber Dam Punches
  • Spreaders, including GP1, 15 Wakai, and 25 Wakai

Don’t Settle For Second Best

When shopping online, it’s not uncommon to come across inferior quality endodontics instruments that look every bit the same as quality tools. It’s important to take a few minutes before ordering from any new company to determine whether their products will be of the quality that will meet your needs.

We encourage our new customers to type the Fortec name into any online directory to read through or browse customer reviews. You’ll quickly see that we are not just another company. We can make the kind of claims we do about our products because they are built to stand the test of time and deliver value to your practice, use after use. You’ll feel the difference the moment you hold a Fortec instrument in your hands- and you’ll see further evidence of our commitment as the years go by, and you’re still using our products.

Our Sterilization Solutions

We’re proud to offer affordable options in sterilization as well, like our dental cassettes and trays that will protect your instruments during the cleaning process and keep them organized in your practice. We can further streamline your office’s organization with color-coded silicone bands and accessories that will save time during cleaning and work.

Using our quality sterilization trays is one of the best ways to protect your investment in purchasing quality endodontics instruments. We carry a wide range of sterilization tray sizes and styles to ensure you have the right tools on hand for your product cleaning needs.

Turn to Fortec for durable, reliable instruments for diagnostics, endodontics, surgery, restorative dental work, periodontics, orthodontics, and sterilization processes knowing we’ll deliver to a higher standard of quality than our competition. If you have questions about a product or your order, our live chat specialists are just a click away- and we’re available by phone as well.

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Endodontics Instruments

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